A Boards.

A Boards come in a variety of styles Traditional and Modern also materials metal wooden and plastic. Most are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, consider the size you require and its location in making your choice.


 Please feel free to discuss the options available so we can guide you to making the correct decision.

The A Board above is our most popular model and one we choose to use ourselves - sturdy powder coated metal frame & lightweight composite panels make this an excellent choice.

We supply a range of modern style A boards like the Breezer (left) which will rock on its base in the wind.


With a water fillable base and inset wheels and handle this modern stylish A Board gets you noticed.

Swing Signs


These signs are based on a recycled PVC base which provides excellent stability, this comes in a solid black colour. The aluminium panel is also recyclable and comes in white but can be made to any colour requested, including the steel frame this type of A-Board is very eco friendly and very long lasting.