Name Plaques.

In a choice of materials engraved and Acrylic plaques create a sense of quality and presence for your establishment. 


Material Selection.



Brushed Stainless Steel



Composite panel


The Examples Opposite are



Image 1


Brushed stainless steel etched plaque, complete

with matching cover caps.


Image 2


Brass etched plaque, can be fitted with matching brass effect cover caps or countersunk brass screws.


Image 3


Silicon acrylic plaque in a variety of thicknesses giving that greenish tinge on the edges often associated with toughened glass.

This example has reverse applied computer cut etched

and coloured vinyl and is mounted on stand off locators for that modern look whilst creating a stylish cast shadow in certain lighting conditions,




All the above can be used both internally and externally to create that contemporary finish