Letter choices Explained

Broadly speaking you have two choices, cut vinyl text or built up letters some examples of letter choices are shown below


Cut vinyl, Text and graphics made from one colour or multilayered colours to produce vibrant graphics which can be applied to most smooth surfaces.


Flat cut letters and shapes from a variety of materials such as acrylic foam sheet and composite panel. can be fixed direct to substrate or raised from the background using stand off locators.


Moulded letters and built ups

The above images from left to right are as follows:


1. Cut vinyl text on glass applied internally.

2. Logo mounted on stand off locators, giving depth to the small fascia, as this is a jewellers the window graphics are externally applied as we have protected the windows from break in with an internally applied security film.

3. Built up brushed stainless steel letters with metallic face covered vinyl.

4. Built up powder coated letters mounted on stand off locators on a composite sign tray and trough light illumination.